Müller Drums with Bungs


Müllers drum container systems are available in several types for different applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fine chemicals and food segment.

Many processes involve liquids such as acids and alkalis and other hazardous substances, or high purity or toxic media. And they must often be warehoused or shipped under extreme conditions such as high pressures or temperatures.

In contrast, the pharmaceutical industry specifically calls for hygienic design of product contacted hardware. Drums with bungs must be precisely designed and constructed particularly safely to meet these challenging conditions.

It is precisely here that Müller drums with bungs are in their element. The crucial factors in this sector are the correct choice of materials and smooth interior finishes with no unhygienic crevices in the drums. Not forgetting the various types of closures and seals.

Hopper cans combine the advantages of lidded drums and those with bungs: lightweight construction, safe handling, product transfer without the need  for a separate hopper, and a large opening for cleaning.