Butterfly Valves


The toxicity levels of many compounds are increasing constantly and there are new challenges when handling them during manufacturing. One way to eliminate contamination exposure is to take advantage of a Split Butterfly Valve. A quality split butterfly valve system is ideal for emptying and filling your highly potent or toxic media.

The Müller Containment Split Butterfly Valve MCV is one of the best in the industry. Light weight and easy to use, manufacturers and processors around the world are relying on the Müller Containment Valve to safeguard the health of their employees, while maintaining product purity and a safe working environment.

Top Benefits of The Müller Containment Split Butterfly Valve:

  • Valve disks locked closed automatically in undocked position
  • Cleaning without removing the seal
  • Easy-to-wipe flat surfaces
  • Pressure and vacuum-rated version available
  • Explosion pressure shock resistant version and safety against flame breakthrough for gases of explosion group IIB available up to +10 bar
  • No solids buildup and product trapped between valve disk and PTFE seat

The AIC team can help you answer any questions pertaining to split butterfly valves, viscous product transfer systems, packaging and container handling. For added assistance or free consultation, contact your local AIC representative or Dan Bourneuf at dbourneuf@aicontainer.com.