Müller Blending Equipment

Müller Blending Equipment is Completely Adaptable to Your Process

Blender or blending column, drum or container – bulk solids such as granules or powders are mixed reliably by an intelligent system; which if required can provide a data report for tracking blender settings such as weight, mixing times and number of revolutions. You therefore have complete documentation for your quality assurance system.


Blending equipment is adaptable for your processes:

  • Gentle action
  • Highly effective
  • Safe
  • Blending parameters can be set
  • With data report



First blend, then feed – the lift- and swivel column for blending the contents of a drum and then feeding the next machine in the process, in this case a tablet press. All without changing the drum. The column can handle various drum sizes.


Carrying it to extremes – the universal blending column for various drum-hopper combinations or containers. With integrated electrically powered slewing ring for discharging the contents into another container or for feeding a mill.