Transfer Large Batches

Handling viscous and pasty products in large batches is a challenging task. The larger the batch, the larger the residual quantity of product when the drum is emptied. Not only is valuable product lost, but the costs and effort of cleaning are increased, particularly when it is necessary to comply with GMP or FDA regulations. This problem is resolved with the intelligent Müller FD XXL drum-emptying system, manufactured specially for batches in the range 400 – 1000 liters.


This largerscale system again uses the proven Müller principle of an enclosed discharge through a piping line – simple, efficient and hygienic, with no waste and no mess:

  • Cleanliness – total hygiene for products and workplace
  • Emptiness – systems optimized for complete emptying and residue-free cleaning
  • Ø 800 mm for 400 liter usable volume
  • Ø 950 mm for 600 liter usable volume
  • Ø 1200 mm for 1000 liter usable volume
  • Pressure vessels complying with the Pressure  Equip. Directive 97/23/EC, category II, module A1
  • CE mark affixed